CUP MP Pau Juvillà prevented from regular political activity due to "complicated health situation"

The MP asks, however, not to be stripped of his seat despite the Electoral Board's ruling

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Parliament formalizes the appeal for the Juvillà seat

BarcelonaParliamentary Bureau secretary and CUP MP Pau Juvillà is "in a complicated health situation" that will prevent him from continuing to carry out "his usual political activity", CUP informed in a brief four-line statement. Nevertheless, Juvillà continues to demand Parliament not strip him of his seat despite the Electoral Board's ruling, which has given speaker Laura Borràs five days to do so. This Tuesday the Bureau will meet, although Juvillà will not be there as a consequence of his health condition, CUP sources confirm.

The CUP has preferred not to give more details of the MP's state of health, but wanted to avoid the possible speculation around his absence from the Bureau's meetings, precisely in a decisive week for his future as an MP. This Monday ERC and JxCat have reiterated their position that Juvillà should keep the seat as long as there is no court ruling that prevents it and, therefore, have rejected that the opinion of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) is binding.