Politics 24/01/2021

The CUP will make changes to its campaign after its political council's warning

Reguant asserts the party's "unabashed assembleary" character

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Eulàlia Reguant Cup
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The CUP's campaign for the Catalan elections will undergo changes after the party's political council on Saturday decided to "amend" some issues. This was explained on Sunday by number three on the list, Eulàlia Reguant, who did not specify the scope of these changes. Reguant has argued that these changes must be made because the CUP is an "unabashed assembleary" formation in which its people "decide collectively".

The starting point of the current situation is that the CUP decided last December to run in these elections with Guanyem, a pact that placed the former mayor of Badalona Dolors Sabater as head of the list, a decision that was not easy to manage because of the reluctance of some of the party's sectors. One of the contributions that Sabater made in her first speeches was to propose that, for the first time since the CUP has representation in Parliament, it should consider entering a future government. ERC, for example, has been proposing for some time now that the cupaires should become involved in Catalan governance from within the government. Sabater, moreover, has focused almost all the focuses of the candidacy, the result of the expectation generated by her leap into Catalan politics, after her time in the Badalona City Council, marked by a rivalry with Xavier García Albiol (PP).

Well, the alarms went off this Saturday with one of the documents approved in the political council of the CUP that refuses any possibility of entering the next government. "Responsibility does not mean either entering any government or supporting it from outside with any stability pact", one can read. Thus, the political council considers that what the formation should do with its seats is to continue marking distances with JxCat and ERC, as it has done in recent years: "To defy the governments of austerity and resignations at a national level". In short, the CUP, aware that it is still far from leading the independence movement in the elections, considers that its role must continue to be that of opposition to the Government of JxCat and ERC, so as not to delegate this function "only to constitutionalist forces".

The "collective mandate"

This is not the only critical allusion to Sabater and her political space, Guanyem, made this Saturday by the political council of the CUP. The document also includes, for example, a reprimand to the prominence that Sabater has acquired in the pre-campaign and calls for her to yield to the common project. "The people who are at the top of the lists are there by collective mandate", the CUP concluded yesterday.

This Sunday Reguant has given her opinion on the issue and announced changes in the campaign, but has avoided entering into major controversy. Thus, on the one hand, she has admitted that the document will have consequences, but on the other she has assured that it will not be an obstacle to continue working to build "a political proposal that is an alternative" to the policies that the Generalitat has made in recent years. She has also assured that the militancy of the CUP is "represented" in the lists led by Sabater and in the agreements reached with Guanyem. And what does Sabater say about all this? For now, she remains silent.