"Socialism or freedom"

1 min

Díaz Ayuso's slogan is powerful, as befits the skills of a former community manager, although it was of Esperanza Aguirre's dog Pecas' Twitter feed. However, it's one thing to know how to put two concepts together (Trump did it every morning, well enough), and another to be a source of contemporary political thought. By counterposing socialism and freedom, Ayuso would have us believe that she is a liberal. Look, there are so few liberals in Spain that they haven't even been able to create a party. And as for the PP, it is the typical party of high-ranking state officials who get up every day pouncing on the appointments in the Official State Gazette to see how many of them have been placed in the Supreme Court, the Court of Auditors or the Undersecretary of Civil Aviation. If we add the investments of the general State budgets in the Community of Madrid and the State capital effect, we will conclude that the slogan is perfect: it hides the opposite of what it means.