Antoni Bassas's analysis: 'The broad path of ERC and JxCat'

The only possible path is that of unity around a simple idea: first we achieve independence and settle our disputes later

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ERC has used the concept of "the broad path" to refer to its roadmap to independence. The broad path, it is understood, means that there is room for new and old independentistas, for those who are in a hurry and those who think more support is needed first, for those want nothing to do with Spain and those who believe in a fraternal Spain. Naturally, "broad path" means that JxCat's path is narrow, because only the pure fit in.

All it took was to say this "broad path" and Laura Borràs answered:

Beyond all the wordplay the "broad path" may yield, we must understand that no party, on its own, and here I include the CUP, has a fast track to independence. Today we interviewed the CUP-Guanyem candidate, Dolors Sabater, who says: "We have to get the State to accept a referendum and, if not, to overwhelm it". And when Esther Vera asks her how the State is going to be forced to accept the referendum, she says: "With a shared strategy". That is, with a sum of all the paths, at least the main ones.

The State can only be made to understand that it is facing a problem that cannot be solved with spies, police and judges when independence is seen as the best, almost inevitable option by the majority, the fruit of a generational enthusiasm like that of 2017. The polls will tell us whether youngsters of today maintain this enthusiasm after the repression and disunity that followed October 1 Referendum.

The problem of the path, of any path, are the obstacles placed in the middle of the journey, among which the main ones are the fatigue and distrust ERC and JxCat transmit. Fatigue is human and mistrust is understandable but lethal. The only possible path, the one that adds up, is that of unity around a simple idea: first we will achieve independence and tomorrow we will settle scores amongst ourselves. It is common sense, and common sense has been absent in this issue from the beginning.

In this sense, the electoral result may not clarify things. ERC is seeking a head-to-head with the PSC to give the impression that they are vying for first place and to corner JxCat, and that is why ERC says it will not make deals with the PSC. With whom does it intend to make deals to govern? Catalunya en Comú will hardly be enough.

Meanwhile, Illa prescribes amnesia. "Turn the page", he says. Miquel Ferreres has nailed it today on our back page: "I promise you a Catalonia without revenge", says Illa on TV. And the couple answers him: "He doesn't have to worry about revenge, the judges are taking care of that - they have been for the last three years! What's he pretending to be magnanimous about!".

Our recognition for those who work on the front line, a thought for those who suffer, for political prisoners, for the exiles, and may we have a good day.