Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Who will win Eurovision 2024? These are the 5 favorites according to the bets

Switzerland, Croatia and Italy, among the most notable options

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Angelina Mango's essay

BarcelonaIf in 2023 Loreen's victory in Eurovision was predicted months before the festival, in this year's edition things are not so clear. Eurovision 2024, which will take place in the Swedish city of Malmö on May 11, does not have a favorite that sweeps the bets, but there are at least two candidates who seem to share the preferences of the Eurofans. We review the options best positioned to seduce the spectators and the jury and take the glass microphone to the festival's grand finale.


Nemo Metller and 'The Code'

The Swiss representative.

Switzerland has won Eurovision twice (the last thanks to Céline Dion) and is now very well positioned to take the glass microphone a third time. During the last few months, the queer singer Nemo Metller, 24, has topped the ranking of favorites with The Code, an empowering hymn about gender identity. The singer has explained that the song comes from his personal experience. "It's about the journey in which I began to realize that I am neither man nor woman. Finding myself has been a long and complicated process for me, but nothing makes me feel better than the freedom I have gained by being aware that I am non-binary," he explains. The song of the Alpine country mixes many genres: from lyrical to pop to rap.


Baby Lasanga and 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'

The singer Baby Lasagna.

The last time a rock song won Eurovision was in 2021, when the Italian group Maneskin rose with victory. This year, Croatia wants to emulate that feat – rock is not the festival's preferred genre – with the artist Baby Lasagna, who in recent weeks has been rising in the ranking of favorites until becoming serious competition from Switzerland. The song Rim Tim Tagi Dim, which fuses elements of rock, pop, and folk and is practically all in English, explains the exodus of young people from rural areas of Croatia to the cities.


Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil and 'Teresa & Maria'

The Ukrainian representatives.

Whether because of the war it has been suffering for two years or because its proposals are popular, in recent years Ukraine's participation in Eurovision has been very positive. They won in 2022 and a year later they achieved the sixth position. Now the betting houses predict a third position for the country, which will be represented by the duo formed by Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil, two quite popular singers in Ukraine. The couple appears with Teresa & Maria, a song that wants to give hope by being inspired by two Catholic figures, on the one hand, Teresa of Calcutta and, on the other, the Virgin. The duet specified that the song does not talk about them literally, but rather uses them as a symbol of "charity, love, and union." The result is a song with a marked epic tone and a pop base, and a concession to rap, the genre that Jerry Heil dominates.


Angelina Mango and 'The Girl'

Angelina Mango.

Angelina Mango won Sanremo against heavyweights like Annalisa. The first images of the Italian's rehearsals have made it clear that the choice has been correct and that Mango's Latin-inspired proposal (the song mixes cumbia and pop) has many numbers to be at the top of the festival's classification. A song that is expected to have impressive scenery and dance, and that talks about facing the negative things in life with optimism and irony. The singer has explained that for her it is essential that the public has fun with her performance.


Joost Klein and 'Europapa'

The Dutch proposal is a European anthem that talks about breaking borders and enjoying the good things of all the countries that make up Europe. Klein wrote the song as a tribute to his father, who died when he was 12 and who taught him that "borders are an invention of man and that everyone can create their own world." The lyrics of the song travel through different European countries making references to cultural elements or typical dishes. As expected, there is a reference to paella.