A thousand hugs and a complaint: the great event to receive the first BTS singer to finish military service

The BTS Festa event ends with a lawsuit after two fans took advantage of the occasion to kiss the singer

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Jin, from BTS, giving a thousand hugs after returning from Military Service

BarcelonaBTS fans are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After the South Korean Ministry of Culture decided not to give the singers of the K-pop group BTS a break from completing their military service, fans of this globally successful band have seen how singer after singer temporarily left the group. to meet their obligations to the state. Eighteen months after leaving the group, JIN has been the first to return from the army. And to celebrate, an event was organized in which JIN hugged a thousand fans.

Kim Seokjin, better known by the stage name JIN, has been the first member of the band BTS to finish his military service. At the end of his military service, he was affectionately greeted by his partner Taehyung, who is also in the army at the moment. But Taehyung's hug was not the only one from JIN on the day of his return to his life as a civilian. A few hours after taking off his military uniform, the singer presided over an event dedicated to fans who were impatiently awaiting his return. ~BK_LINE_HOP~

The goal was grandiose: hug a thousand fans. At the event, which was called BTS Festa, thousands of BTS followers – also known as ARMY – gathered from all over the world. JIN stood in the middle of the stage with a sign hanging from his neck that said "Hold me" and in front of about four thousand people in the audience and the row of a thousand fans - all those seen in the videos are women - he hugged fan after fan in an almost mechanical exercise.

Crossing the barrier: a kiss instead of a hug

The day after the event, the Songpa district police station in Seoul announced that they had received a complaint through the National Petition System suing two people who had taken advantage of approaching the singer to give him a kiss. Crossing the limits set by the organization – a single hug per person – and without JIN's consent, could be included in the crime of sexual assault.