Misc 08/03/2021

The six restrictions relaxed as of today

Restaurants can open until 5pm and the number of people per table is increased to six

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A terrace of a restaurant on the Rambla of Barcelona

BarcelonaThe restrictive measures in force in Catalonia against covid-19 will be relaxed from this Monday onwards. This is the summary of the main sectors where restrictions are relaxed:


The bars and restaurants will be able to open uninterruptedly from 7.30 am to 5 pm every day of the week, including Saturdays every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. Those inside shopping centres, however, will have to remain closed. Tables will be able to seat up to six different bubbles and not four as at present. However, restaurants will continue to be unable to open in the afternoons and evenings


The attendance at Catalan universities will be extended up to 30% of capacity. Each centre, depending on its autonomy, will establish how it will recover this percentage in the coming days.


The federated sports competitions are authorised for over-16s and the changing rooms of gyms and sports centres will be reopened. Until now, only swimming pool changing rooms were open. Nevertheless, measures will need to be in place to avoid crowds.

Students playing during break

Civic centres

Civic centres will be able to recover sports and memory activities for the over-60s. These activities will always have to be done outdoors and in stable groups of a maximum of six people. The objective is to promote the physical and mental health of these people, but keeping all safety measures in place, especially as this age group is not yet being vaccinated against covid-19.


Museums, libraries and exhibition halls will be able to hold cultural events, as well as reading clubs, with a maximum capacity of 30%.

Extracurricular activities

The age range of extracurricular and leisure activities is extended to teenagers, from secondary school to high school and training cycles. Until now only children in infant and primary education were allowed to attend these activities.