Misc 14/08/2020

The “deep state” against Podemos

Podemos should be concerned because if they are being targeted, nobody will lift a finger for them

Vicenç Villatoro
1 min

I am no fan of Podemos, but I have a disturbing feeling that they are being targeted. It looks as if the meat grinder of the Spanish “deep state” that destroys public figures, political views and political parties —and has worked so well in Catalonia— has got Podemos in the crosshairs now.

It is a beast whose tentacles reach into the police, the judiciary and media corporations. Once its wheels start spinning, it will make use of anything it can find —and what it can’t find, too— to get rid of anybody that threatens its notion of what the State must be.

Podemos should be concerned because —if they are being targeted— nobody will lift a finger for them, less so the PSOE. All political parties compete with one another and none of them flinch when the competition is at the receiving end. This is even more so when it is a party that is politically close and is, therefore, a direct competitor.

Podemos didn’t make a fuss when others tasted the same medicine, either. I have no idea whether Podemos have done anything wrong. Very serious accusations have been levelled at the larger parties in the past, too. Yet while the political parties that buttress the system simply take an aspirin and the headache goes away, the same ailment may completely destroy someone who is a nuisance. And Podemos have become a nuisance now.