Puigdemont to Montoro: “give us the power to collect taxes and that’ll be the end of your trouble”

During a visit to Badalona, the Catalan president stated that his government “will stay true” to its word and will pass a “socially responsible” budget, “despite the threats”

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El president de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, durant la visita a Badalona

BarcelonaIn recent years relations between Catalonia and the Spanish government have been strained by the region’s budget deficit. Yesterday Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was indignant at the statement by caretaker Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro, who claimed that Spain’s regional governments were to blame for the country’s public deficit deviation. “If Mr Montoro gives us the power to collect taxes, that will be the end of his trouble”, said Carles Puigdemont.

The Catalan president had travelled to Badalona, where he met local mayor Dolors Sabater in the city hall.

“It is inadmissible for a minister who systematically empties the pockets of Catalan taxpayers and centrifuges spending to frivolously play with the availability of an extraordinary funding scheme which he knows we need to take care of our people”, said Puigdemont. The Catalan president also noted that “for some time now, the Spanish government has chosen to oversee and monitor my government’s spending”. “They know perfectly well that we use our funds to take care of the people and resolve situations that should be a concern for anyone who holds office”, the president remarked.

Puigdemont insisted that “despite the Spanish government’s threats” and its “aggressive rhetoric”, the Catalan government “will stay true” to its word and will pass a “socially responsible” budget.