Procicat authorises open-air concerts with standing-room-only audiences

The new measures announced by the Government are not restrictive with culture

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Audience at the Canet Rock 2021 festival

BarcelonaThe increase in contagions has led the the Government to close nightlife in indoor spaces, and everything suggested that there would be other restrictive measures that could affect cultural activities. Until now all cultural activities, both indoors and outdoors, were only allowed with the public seated. This is what is stated in the measures approved by Procicat and currently in force. But this Tuesday the Government has announced that cultural activities will be allowed with the public standing. That is, instead of restrictions, more things will be allowed. So, how are the cultural activities?

Theaters, auditoriums and other indoor spaces will continue as before: with the public seated, 70% capacity and 1,000 people maximum. Concert halls will remain the same, with a seated audience.

Outdoors, concerts and other cultural activities can be held with the audience standing, always wearing a mask. If it is for more than 500 spectators, each spectator must have a complete vaccination schedule or a negative PCR of the last 12 hours or pass an antigen test prior to the event. If it is for less than 500 spectators, none of the above is required.

For now, outdoor activities are capped at 3,000 seated spectators, but if the measures approved on Tuesday by Procicat are confirmed and come into force on Friday July 9th, concerts could be held for up to 3,000 standing spectators. That is to say, summer festivals that now have a seated audience could consider removing the chairs and standing spectators. This could benefit festivals such as Cap Roig, Terramar, Porta Ferrada, Sons del Món, Pedralbes and in general all those that had been thought for seating between 1,000 and 1,600 people. It may even happen that the expense in antigen tests is compensated by the sum of the savings in chairs and the sale of more tickets.

The Cruïlla Festival, which takes place on July 8th, 9th and 10th outdoors in the Parc del Fòrum, is maintained as planned because it is held as part of a research program. Therefore, as recalled by the Ministry of Culture, none of the measures presented today alter the operation of Cruïlla, which, like the Vida Festival and Canet Rock last week, is made with a prior screening of antigens of the public and workers.