Misc 20/11/2020

No to independence drops under 50% but remains five points above Yes

77.6% of Catalans agree with the idea of deciding in a referendum, according to CEO poll

Aleix Moldes
1 min
Només el 12% dels catalans residents a l'estranger van votar el 28 d'abril

BarcelonaAs long as Catalonia's independence cannot be decided by voting, the polls will simply serve to make science fiction. And yet 77.6% of Catalans agree with the idea of the referendum on self-determination, according to the results of the latest barometer published by the Centre for Opinion Studies (CEO). Without knowing exactly what would happen if one were to be called that succeeded in getting all citizens to participate, No to independence continues to the majority opinion in the polls: 49% of Catalans are against the idea of their own state, while 43.6% are in favour of it. The results are similar to those of the July barometer. At that time, No was almost 50% and Yes was 42%. In between, however, the CEO took another survey in October - not a barometer - in which the results were more balanced, with 46.6% against no and 45.3% for.