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Mónica Oltra resigns over her indictment

Leader of Compromís announces she is leaving "so as not to compromise the project of change initiated in 2015"

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Mónica Oltra during the announcement of her resignation as vice-president and councilor of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Valencian government.

ValenciaMonica Oltra has announced this Tuesday that she is resigning as vice president of the Valencian government as a result of her indictment in the case investigating the actions by the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies over the abuse of a minor who was under Oltra's ex-husband Luis Eduardo Martínez's guardianship. The leader of Compromís said she took the decision in order "not to compromise the project of change initiated in 2015".

"This decision is tough, especially because the bad guys win", she said and stated that his resignation is caused by "one of the greatest infamies" lived in this country. In this sense, she apologised to the vulnerable, whom she wanted to serve and whom "it hurts her soul" to leave.

Oltra has not disguised her discomfort with the Valencian Socialist Party and its leader, Ximo Puig, who is also the Valencian regional president. She explained that she has not informed Puig of her decision. In fact, she said that her change of position –last Friday she announced that she would not resign – was to avoid giving the socialists an "alibi" to expel Compromís from the Valencian government