Laporta's explanation on Messi's exit: "We have done the best thing for Barça's interests".

The president appears at a press conference the day after Barça officially confirmed the striker will not be renewed

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The president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, during the press conference

BarcelonaBarça president Joan Laporta has appeared at a press conference the day after the club officially confirmed Leo Messi will not continue at the club next season and the message has been clear: "We have done the best for Barça's interests", he repeated on several occasions. Laporta explained that Barça and Messi intended to renew, but it has not been possible because the management of the previous board was "calamitous", and added that renewing the striker's contract put the club's finances at risk.

Laporta's press conference to explain Messi's departure

On his responsibility in the failure of negotiations with Messi and the players to lower the wage bill, the president believes that he has not broken "any election promises." "The agreement existed, but we have not been able to meet the salary cap," said Joan Laporta, on Barça and Messi. He has also stated that, after the audit, he was convinced that this was the best decision.

Messi is "angry"

On Messi, Joan Laporta explained that Leo Messi "is angry" because "he wanted to continue at Barça". The president has claimed that the player has accepted the situation, and added that, in the negotiations, "the Messi family have not asked for anything out of place". On whether Messi's situation is irreversible, Joan Laporta wanted to be clear. "I do not want to create false hopes". The president has said that everything would depend on La Liga making its fair play policies more flexible, but that "it is not expected". Announcing now that he is leaving Barça, Messi has time to find another club.

Fans at the Camp Nou

Some Barça fans gathered around the stadium this Friday morning, the day after the announcement. They held banners against La Liga chairman Tebas and urging Messi to stay at the club.

Fans concentrated during Laporta's press conference.