Misc 13/01/2021

Gabilondo's indigestion

Esther Vera
1 min

Iñaki Gabilondo is an honest journalist, if honesty means trying to understand what you want to explain to your readers or listeners. For decades he has listened and tried to interpret with lucidity what was happening in a wild Spain. He has had enough. At 78 he is not tired - young minds do not give up - but he says he is "stuffed" and will stop trying to interpret what is happening in Spanish politics. I sense that his indigestion has occurred due to being reasonable, seeing political tacticism, pettiness, and becoming a kind of preacher in a desert of waves who fights in a loop against the irresponsible who squander collective future. Spain always rewards radicalism, shouting and rudeness. From now on there will be one less interlocutor for those who bet on complexity and difference. Gabilondo's tiredness is a symptom of the inability of Spanish politics to change, where it is more important to mourn the defeat than to dialogue and accept the arguments of difference. Gabilondo is leaving, and the Catalan case, whether sovereign or not, is even further from being explained and accepted. When sensible people withdraw, it means that the error loop is beginning again. The same desert of Gaziel's meditations: that of a country that each generation seems to certify bitterly that it has no remedy.