Misc 21/01/2021

High Court of Catalonia disqualifies Foreign Affairs Minister for his role during 1-O, when he was mayor of Agramunt

He is sentenced for disobedience to a fine of 16,800 euros and a one year disqualification

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Minister Bernat Solé on the day of the trial in the High Court of Justice of Catalonia / MARTA SIERRA / ACN

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia has disqualified the Foreign Affairs Minister, Bernat Solé, on Thursday, for disobedience due to his participation in the Catalan independence bid referendum of October 1st when he was mayor of Agramunt. He is condemned to a year of disqualification and to a fine of 16.800 euros.

In a press release the court informs that it has considered "it is proven" that he had "direct and personal" knowledge of the decisions of the Constitutional Court that warned (the Government and the members of Parliament) of disobedience, decisions approved in 2017 in relation to the 1st October.

According to the sentence, the accused knew personally that the Constitutional Court "ordered him and forbade him to plan the 1st October voting in the municipality of Agramunt". In addition, he already knew, according to the court's decision, the "binding" effect and the "criminal" consequences of his "failure to comply".

Solé is the first Minister of the Generalitat of this Government disqualified due to the events of October 1st, after the president, Quim Torra, was also removed from office for not having taken down the yellow ribbon banner in time. Moreover, the disqualification comes at a key moment for Solé: As head of Foreign Affairs he is responsible for the electoral processes of the Generalitat, and is in the midst of the Government's battle in the High Court to postpone the elections to May 30th. Precisely on Thursday the legal services of the Generalitat have registered the allegations to defend the decree that postpones the 14-F elections, which has been suspended in a precautionary manner by the High Court as a result of an appeal of a private citizen.