Misc 29/10/2020

Government hands 300 million euros more in aid to sectors hit by new restrictions

Restoration and beauty centers will receive 50 million more and 50 million will go to the cultural sector

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Una terrassa de bar a la Rambla de Fabra i Puig, a Barcelona.

BarcelonaThe Government of Catalonia will provide new resources so that the companies most affected by the new restrictions can overcome the situation. During a press conference on Thursday, vicepresident Pere Aragonès announced an additional 300 million euros in aid to the sectors most affected by restrictions to contain the pandemic.

Thus, restaurants and beauty centres -which will remain closed beyond the initial fortnight- will receive 50 million euros more than the 40 million that the Government had initially approved. Just yesterday, the website to request these benefits was launched and collapsed under an avalanche of requests.

On the other hand, Aragonès has also announced that 50 million euros will be granted in aid to the cultural sector, which will have to suspend all performances and shows scheduled for at least the next fortnight. This package will also include the companies and entities that teach outside the school system (language schools, dance schools, etc), since their students will not be allowed to attend, as well as federated sports clubs, which will also stop competing and training.

The rest of the resources, added Aragonès, will be used to counteract the effects of the restrictions on other affected sectors, such as industry or tourism, and it will down to the different departments to announce how exactly this aid will be distributed.

Social measures

Beyond the support package for economic sectors, the Vicepresident also explained that 200 million euro will be added to other emergency social measures such as extending the guaranteed income budget or making additional contributions to food banks. In addition, Aragonès has claimed evictions will be limited during the state of alarm and that workers in ERTE will not have to pay extra income tax because of receiving an income from two different sources (the government and their employer).

"Now is the time for a social stop, to stay at home to maintain everything that is essential: work, school, trade and work that cannot be done from home", insisted Aragonès.