Misc 22/06/2021

Gaudi's stunning Casa Vicens, available on Airbnb for one night

A couple can have the whole house, with dinner included, for 1 euro

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Current aspect of Casa Vicens

BarcelonaSleeping one night, alone with your partner, in a Gaudí house is a luxury available to very few people. To promote Casa Vicens and Airbnb, the two companies have launched a campaign that will allow any user of the rental housing platform to sleep for one night in the magnificent house of Gaudí in the neighborhood of Gràcia. Not only this: the night includes a dinner offered by the Hoffmann restaurant and a guided tour of the house. Guests will be able to be in every corner of the home, as you can see on the Airbnb website.

The smoker of Casa Vicens

In order to be one of the guests, on July 12th, 2021 (at 4 pm) you can book a place on to go to Casa Vicens in the Autumn. Those interested will have to meet a number of requirements, including living in the same place, having a verified profile with a history of positive reviews on Airbnb and being over 18 years old.

Casa Vicens was a private home until 2014; historically it was a summer house. It was bought by Mora Banc as an investment and opened in 2017 after a refurbishment was carried out by Martínez Lapeña - Torres Arquitectos, which has been awarded and finalist in several architecture awards around the world. Currently you can visit this architectural jewel of the late nineteenth century, the first house that Gaudí made and one of the first masterpieces of Modernism that broke stylistically with everything that had been built previously.