Former Diplocat employees call the decision to close the council "unfair and arbitrary"

The ACM promises to restore the Diplomacy Council once a government has been formed in Catalonia

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Els extreballadors del Diplocat diuen que la liquidació de l'entitat és "injusta i arbitrària"

The Association of Former Diplocat (Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia) Employees declared that by closing the council, the Spanish government had "overstepped its authority", even in terms of the powers granted it by Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. In a press release issued this Monday, coinciding with Diplocat’s definitive closure, the former employees criticised the move and the fact that it is the Partido Popular who decides whether there is "a need" for the council to exist, since it is a "minority" party in Catalonia with only four seats in parliament.

The statement went on to say that "Article 155 does not authorise the Spanish state to dissolve autonomous bodies, since any measures must be temporary and not permanent". They claim that the government's decision also violates the Constitution and that Diplocat was a "perfectly legal and legitimate public-private consortium". The press release also states that the closure is "unfair, arbitrary and contrary to Catalonia’s interests" and denies that Diplocat was created for "secessionist ends". Finally, the former Diplocat employees call on any future Catalan government "to reopen Diplocat or a similar body" as it is a "useful, effective tool" for the "internationalization of the country’s values and potential".

The Association of Catalan Municipalities (ACM) also view Diplocat’s closure as unfortunate, calling on the council to be reopened once a new government has been formed in Catalonia. In its press release, the ACM also stated that, despite Diplocat’s closure, nothing "will prevent us from internationalising the prestige and good work" they consider has been generated in Catalonia. In a similar vein, the president of the ACM called for "institutions to be restored" together with efforts to "put an end to 155".