Misc 10/11/2020

Juan Carlos I also hid 7.9 million euros in Switzerland until August 2018

The former monarch would have done these operations after losing his inviolability, according to 'El Confidencial'

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Joan Carles I va amagar 7,9 milions d'euros a Suïssa fins a l'agost del 2018

MadridThe problems of ex king Juan Carlos are piling up. New documents reveal that he hid 7.9 million euros in a Swiss account until August 2018, according to El Confidencial. This discovery provides additional evidence against the former king for alleged criminal actions he would have carried out more than four years after abdicating and when he no longer enjoyed inviolability.

The inviolability enjoyed by the monarch until his abdication in 2014 is the argument which the Supreme Court clings on to in order to avoid, for example, the proceedings on an alleged crime of bribery in the awarding of the project for a high speed train to Mecca through the payment of a commission of 100 million dollars (64.8 million euros) in August 2008 to a Swiss account of the then king Juan Carlos I. The same argument would not work now, because by 2018 he had already abdicated in favour of his son, thus losing his inviolability.

The millions were hidden behind the Zagatka Foundation, an instrumental society set up in Liechtenstein in 2003 by a cousin of his, Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon, who ran it. The bulk of these almost eight million were distributed in shares, bonds and alternative products, according to the same media.

Documents from Zagatka's account at the Swiss bank Lombard Odier confirm that the company's movements continued until just two years ago. In just seven months, from January 1 to August 2, 2018, some 917,320 euros disappeared, with withdrawals and transfers. Inquiries by the Geneva Prosecutor's Office regarding his fortune indicate that the outflows of Zagatka's funds intensified after the proclamation of current king Philip VI and coexisted with other opaque products that are also being investigated by the Spanish justice system. The most recent known use is the purchase of a mare for one of his granddaughters, Victoria-Federica, with irregular money from a Mexican businessman.

As well as this, it has been revealed the ex monarch allegedly has 10 million in an account in the tax haven of Jersey, and has used opaque debit cards. Other members of the royal family have allegedly also benefited from these cards.