The CUP responds to Junqueras: "We cannot give up unilateralism"

The CUP deputies denounce in an article in ARA the Spanish government for wanting to close a cycle of struggles with pardons

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Deputies of the CUP in front of the police line on Tuesday

New warning from the CUP to ERC. The day after Pere Aragonès assumed his position as president, the CUP charged ahead against the republicans due to the presence of the Brimo in an eviction in Poble-sec. This Tuesday, the day after the president of Esquerra, Oriol Junqueras, rejected unilateralism, they warned that this path could not be abandoned. In an article published in ARA, the anti-capitalist parliamentary group makes it clear that the independence movement cannot "renounce any form of the democratic struggle to win freedom, not even unilaterality", quoting the book Tornarem a vèncer published by Junqueras and Marta Rovira. This is a response to an article also written in ARA this Monday by the leader of ERC, who concluded that the unilateral path "is neither viable nor desirable insofar as it distances us from the goal which must be achieved".

The CUP, which believes that the State can only be forced to negotiate through confrontation, is very critical of the defrosting stage commenced between the Generalitat and the Moncloa which includes pardons as part of the discussion. In this sense, they warn that this Monday's act of Foment forms "an institutional will for understanding between the Spanish government and the Catalan government" while they remember that the promoters of this day "publicly opposed - with words and gestures - the will of our people to decide their future". "Despite the fact that the Spanish government changes its composition, historical cycles make it clear that it is a part of a long political tradition of denying the right to self-determination of the Catalans," added the CUP deputies.

The assembly party, which has already announced that it will not participate in this dialogue, shows again its distrust in the negotiations that the Government wishes to resume with Madrid. "Dialogue within the framework of the Spanish Constitution is equivalent to opening a lock with the wrong key. It makes no sense, nor does it go further than the gesture of trying to open it", says the parliamentary group. In this sense, it emphasizes that "the dialogue is achieved with the mobilizations of the Tsunami Democràtic" and that the Spanish government now seeks to lower the tension by closing "a cycle of struggle and organization with pardons". Thus, they warn that the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, will not accept the holding of an agreed referendum. "The fact that progressive parties also demonize the referendum does nothing more than normalize the framework of those who raise all the ghosts of a sad and authoritarian past," he assures. For this reason, the CUP, which holds the key to governability, demands "strength" to the executive of Pere Aragonès in the face of "the deafness of a PSOE frightened by the threats of the right and by judges who sweep away government rights".

Claiming the role of citizenship on 1-O, "when people put their hearts and souls into it", the CUP highlights the current mobilizations against evictions, one of its battlefields, and urges ERC to "not shipwreck the ship with the songs of sirens" coming from the Moncloa. "The Generalitat has to be loyal to the needs and will of our people and honor the title of republican, standing with those who have no more future other than the country we can build with our own hands," concludes the article signed by the CUP deputies.