Misc 23/08/2019

Cuixart calls to “disobey unjust laws when necessary”

The president of Òmnium Cultural insists he will continue his “struggle for human rights” whatever the verdict

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Cuixart encoratja a "desobeir les lleis injustes quan calgui"

In a letter addressed to the organisers of Universitat Catalana d’Estiu (UCE) —a yearly event held in Prada de Conflent—, Òmnium Cultural president Jordi Cuixart has made a call to disobey “any unjust laws when necessary” and “to be a militant of gentleness, sporting the greatest smile we are capable of”.

In his letter Cuixart states that “whatever the verdict” —in the case against the leaders of the 2017 independence bid, which is expected in the coming weeks— Òmnium Cultural will persevere in “the struggle for freedom and human rights across the Catalan Countries”.

The grassroots leader, who has been held on remand since October 2017, describes how the “cool summer breeze of Prada” can be felt from the Lledoners prison in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada. He recalls how he and Jordi Sànchez, the former president of the Catalan National Assembly, were in Prada in 2017, only months before the 1 October referendum. “We called in ahead of that autumn when we knew we could achieve anything”, he remarks.

Cuixart wraps up his letter by adding that “we will do it again, for the memory of those who came before us and the sake of the new generations”. The Òmnium president, whose fourth child will be born in the coming weeks, is waiting to hear from the Supreme Court as to whether he will be granted permission to be present when the baby is born.