Xavi: "I am ready to coach Barça"

The former player, who said no twice to Bartomeu, says he has not received interest from Laporta

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Xavi Hernandez

BarcelonaXavi Hernandez has addressed the media and spoken about his future. "I am always aware of what Barça is doing and I am in the market. I have a very good relationship with Laporta, with Jan. He is the one to decide and, in the end, I have not spoken to him. Koeman will continue and I wish him well. I also talk to many players, who are my friends. In recent months I have not had contact with Jan or with anyone on the board. This summer Barça has not proposed anything to me".

Xavi has affirmed that he feels "prepared to train Barça" and that he hopes that his opportunity to train the team comes up, but that he is in "no hurry". "I'm coaching professionals, not children. And I feel ready. In Qatar and in the Asian Champions there is a high level, only we are ignorant to this because of our lack of interest", he added. In January 2020 - when Valverde was fired - and then in the summer - when Quique Setién was sacked - Josep Maria Bartomeu tried to sign him, but Xavi then did not expect it and considered that it was not the right time for him. The former player has also stated that, despite doing well in Qatar, he has not closed the door to other offers beyond Barça and does not plan to go through the Barça Second Division team: "I do not consider it to be beneath me, but it is not part of my plan. I consider that I am in the elite of football and not in a formative stage. The level that we have reached in Qatar would be an equivalent to between Second and First Division here".

Regarding the fact that his name was closely linked during the elections to the candidate Víctor Font, Xavi explained that he had already made it clear that he would not take sides for any candidacy. "I did not disassociate myself from anyone because I did not want to associate myself with anyone. I have a very good relationship with both Jan and Víctor. I made it clear that I would not politicize during the elections. Víctor has known that for many years and with Jan we spoke months before the elections". The fact that it would mean having to lead a generational transition in Barça, Xavi wanted to see the glass half full and said that it is "an advantage to know the players": "The coach must decide and think about what is best for the club".

"I think Leo will stay"

Xavi has also commented on the continuity of Leo Messi, with whom he says, as with other teammates, he exchanges messages. "Because of everything that is happening lately, I think he will continue. For me he has earned the right to decide. He is the best. I am positive and I think Leo will remain at the club. It would be the best thing for everyone. To me, as a coach, I would like to coach him. But like any coach. It would be a huge privilege".

Xavi's appearance has taken place in the framework of the presentation of his football campus, which this year celebrates its 23rd edition. Over the years, footballers have passed through this campus, some of which are currently making a career in the elite, such as Alexia Putellas or Luis Milla, from Granada.