Antònia Font announces a new album and a concert at the Palau Sant Jordi in 2022

The band will get back to work: new album at the beginning of the year and concerts in large stadiums in Barcelona and Mallorca

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Antònia Font announces new album and concerts

BarcelonaAfter announcing their return to the stage at the Primavera Sound 2022, Antònia Font has announced that they will release a new album and will give two concerts next year. The album will be released at the beginning of 2022, then they will perform on the 11th of June at the Primavera Sound (which is already sold out) and they will also give two concerts in stadiums, first in Mallorca (in the Mateu Cañellas sports centre on the 18th of June) and then in the Palau Sant Jordi (on the 15th of October).

Joan Miquel Oliver, Pau Debon, Jaume Manresa, Joan Roca and Pere Debon have confirmed the reactivation of the band, as in fact it was already intuited that it would happen after the announcement of Primavera Sound. The album will be the first they have released since they split up eight years ago, and it will take over from Vostè és aquí which came out in 2012. The album, then, will close a decade without any new recordings from Antònia Font.

In the video announcing the dates, the whole band appears playing a piano.