The Andalusian National Assembly calls for "freedom for all peoples" alongside PDECat, ERC, CUP and civil society organizations

The Andalusian independence movement holds event in Barcelona to join forces with Catalonia for self-determination

Clàudia Pons
2 min
L'ANA s'ha presentat a les Cotxeres de Sants davant d'una quarentena de persones

BarcelonaThe Andalusian National Assembly (ANA) made its first appearance in Catalonia this Thursday at Barcelona's Cotxeres de Sants Civic Hall with the aim of making themselves known in the region and showing their support for people’s right to self-determination. At the event, which was attended by some 40 people, were also present the JxSí MPs Montserrat Candini, Lluís Llach, Antoni Castellà and Eduardo Reyes, with the latter being an honorary member of the ANA. Marta Vilalta, of ERC, Juanma Rojas, of the CUP, Montse Sànchez, president of Súmate and Montse Sobirà, secretary of the ANC were also in attendance.

The movement’s leaders insisted that "nobody understands a nationalist better than a nationalist". As a result, they declared their support for Catalan independence and their intention to fight alongside them to achieve shared objectives.

"Thank God for Catalonia", declared Reyes after thanking Catalonia for the welcome Andalusian immigrants were given, without forcing them to give up their "language and culture". Montserrat Candini (PDECat) went on to say that "Catalonia would not be what it is today without the Andalusians" who helped build it.

Candini also sent a message of support to the ANA in their struggle for independence. "You’ll encounter difficulties, but you must realise that the Catalan people are on your side", he declared. Meanwhile, Marta Vilalta expressed ERC’s support for the movement and praised its republican objectives, which demonstrate its desire to "defend people’s liberties".

In addition to speaking in support of self-determination, some statements were aimed at the Spanish government. The president of the ANA, Pedro Ignacio Altamirano, called for the Mediterranean corridor to become a social and political alternative for the two peoples. "We swim in the same waters and are warmed by the same sun. Together, connected, we would be stronger", he declared.

In reply to a question from the audience, Altamirano stated that on 4 December, the ANA will declare Andalusia’s independence "on social media" so the Andalusians know what their republic would be like. The event ended with the reading in both Catalan and Spanish of a manifesto in defence of nations.

The ANA has grown to some 15,000 members since it was founded six months following last year’s Catalan National Holiday, when it declared that Andalusia also needed an organisation that brings together "marginalized" people. Altamirano stated that the assembly’s aim is to give a voice to the silenced Andalusian people.