Unemployment falls by more than 35,000 people in Catalonia in June

The service sector was the one that created the most employment

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Catalonia closed June with 35,995 fewer unemployed workers than in May, a fall of 7.46% in one month. This puts the total number of unemployed people at 445,862, some 39,000 less than a year ago, according to registered employment data published on Friday by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy. It is the fourth consecutive month with a reduction in unemployment.

At the Spanish level, the reduction in unemployment was of 166,991, which leaves the number of jobless workers at 3,614,339, about 248,000 fewer than in June 2020. This is the largest large monthly decline since data has been available.

The service sector was the one that created more employment in Catalonia, since it recorded a reduction in the total number of people out of work of over 27,000. In industry and construction, unemployment fell by about 2,600 people in both cases, while the primary sector created about 1,000 new jobs.

Catalonia is the second autonomous community with the second largest decrease in unemployment in absolute numbers, only surpassed by Andalusia and followed by the Balearic Islands.

Those affected by a furlough scheme fall

In addition to the creation of employment, the month of June left a new fall in the number of workers affected by a furlough scheme. In Catalonia, the total number of people who receive some kind of benefit related to this fell to 142,709, which means that more than 41,000 employees left a furlough scheme since May, when the figure was close to 184,000 people. However, despite the fall, Catalonia is the only autonomous community with more than 100,000 workers in a situation of temporary proceedings.

In Spain, there was also a decrease, in this case of about 236,000 people, leaving the total number of people affected by this type of proceedings at 674,000.