Fill up here and save €40: the cheapest petrol stations in Catalonia

Lleida province has the second lowest fuel prices in Spain

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The Spanish government has opened the door to lower fuel prices, which have soared to record highs.

BarcelonaFuel prices have reached record highs driven by shortages caused by the recovery of the economy after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. According to the European Union's Weekly Oil Bulletin, the price of 95-octane gasoline averaged €1.84 per litre in Spain, and the price of diesel jumped to a record-breaking €1.81 per litre.

These average prices are calculated each week with the retail prices offered by the more than 14,000 service stations across the State. But prices are constantly updated and the Spanish government has an application where they can be consulted online. Choosing where to fill up can lead to significant savings for drivers.

For example, in 95 octane gasoline, the cheapest price in Catalonia is €1.469 per litre, while the most expensive is €2.139. That is, a 67 cent difference. Filling a tank of a car with a capacity for 60 litres, in the first case, costs €88.14, while in the second costs €128.34. In other words, by going to the cheapest petrol station you can save up to €40. Something similar happens with diesel. The same 60-litre tank with the cheapest diesel costs €84.6, while with the most expensive one would set you back €122.34. Refuelling where diesel is cheaper can lead to savings of €37.74.

These are the 10 gas stations in Catalonia with the cheapest 95 octane gasoline, according to data provided to the Ministry for Ecological Transition this Friday:

Petrol stations with the cheapest 95 octane gasoline in Catalonia (in €/litre)
  • Cepsa. Llançà Street. Port de la Selva 1,469
  • Alcampo de Sant Boi de Llobregat 1,628
  • Gadcar. Carrer Tàrrega. Vallfogona de Balaguer 1,629
  • Campsa Express. C-148. Vallfogona de Balaguer 1,629
  • Bon Àrea. Carrer del Mig. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat 1,638
  • Bon Àrea. Carrer Estiu. Badalona 1,639
  • Bon Àrea. Avinguda Bertran i Güell. Gavà 1,639
  • Campsa Express. Avinguda Bertran i Güell. Gavà 1,639
  • Bon Àrea. BV-2005. Torrelles de Llobregat 1,639
  • E.S. Sant Guim. Carretera de Calaf. Sant Guim de Freixenet 1,639

Filling up at one of these service stations can lead to significant savings compared to the most expensive ones. The most expensive in Catalonia, in Montseny, has 95 octane gasoline at €2.139 per litre. It is the only one in Catalonia with a price that exceeds €2 a litre, but there are others that come close, such as the Ubach petrol station on Avinguda del Paral·lel in Barcelona, where a litre of 95 octane gasoline costs €1.999 a litre, or MLC in Bàscara, on the Gi-623 road, where a litre of gasoline costs €1.998.

In the case of diesel, the top 10 of the cheapest gasolines in Catalonia are the following:

Catalan gas stations with the cheapest diesel (in €/litre)
  • Petrol station. Carrer Dr. Sarrat. Gimenells 1,410
  • Cooperativa Juncosa. Plaça Major. Juncosa 1,441
  • Beroil. C-55. Sant Joan de Vilatorrada 1,609
  • Cepsa. Llançà Street. El Port de la Selva 1,619
  • Vilacarburants. Vallès Avenue. Lliçà de Abajo 1,648
  • Vilacarburants. Carrer Barcelona. Sant Fost de Campsentelles 1,648
  • Zone Zero. Carrer Torroella. Palafrugell 1,659
  • Alcampo. Sant Boi de Llobregat 1,665
  • Cepsa. N-II. Lleida 1,669
  • Serviager. Carretera de Tremp. Àger 1,670

The petrol station with the most expensive diesel in Catalonia, and the only one that exceeds €2 per litre, is the one in Montseny, where this Friday the price was €2.039 per litre. The prices do not reach two euros, but are close, at the service station Sant Isidre de les Borges Blanques (€1.982), the Exp Oil in Figueres (€1.979) and MLC of Bàscara (€1.974).

The ministry also makes a monthly report on fuel prices. The last one, from February, indicates that Spain is the fourth state in the European Union with the highest price of gasoline without taxes, and the fifth in the case of diesel. But when taxes are incorporated, Spain falls to eleventh place in the most expensive gasoline and fourteenth in the case of diesel.

This report also indicates that the province of Lleida is the second in Spain with the cheapest 95 octane gasoline on average, behind Almería. Girona is the 24th province with the cheapest price, Barcelona the 26th and Tarragona the 27th. In the case of diesel, Lleida is the fourth province with the cheapest average price, Girona the 16th, Tarragona the 17th and Barcelona the 25th.