Sports 07/09/2021

Piqué: "My worst season was the last one under Guardiola".

Among other questions, the Catalan full back reveals to 'La sotana' the only time he considered leaving

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Piqué to La Sotana

Gerard Piqué has reviewed in the programme La sotana in a satirical and sarcastic tone, a large part of Barça's current affairs in a relaxed way. Between jokes, Piqué has spoken on decisive moments of his career, before saying goodbye saying that he trusts that, this season, "the team will win something".

The player has confessed that the last time he considered leaving the club was his last season under Pep Guardiola. "We reached a big point of tension with him, and the locker room in general. The rivalry with Jose Mourinho wore you down a lot. Pep wanted to have absolute control of everything that happened. I started dating Shakira and the relationship with him changed. Now the relationship is perfect. I was under a lot of pressure. I felt that in training I had to do everything perfectly. If there has been a time when I have considered leaving Barça, it was that season", he confessed.

Piqué has also been asked about Josep Maria Bartomeu's mandate. "I cannot say whether he is the worst ever Barça president. Of those in my lifetime, however, it has to be close," said Piqué laughing. "We all have our share of the blame, but it is true that the club has not gone anywhere we supporters want. Now I am hopeful and excited. The next 5 or 10 years will be very good for Barça," he added.

Piqué also recalled the different situations experienced this summer. First, Koeman's continuity on the bench. "Jan needed more time for reflection and just choosing Koeman. Now he is the ideal coach". He has also spoken of Messi's farewell and explained that he had already closed his salary reduction agreement before the holidays and the Argentine's farewell. "The club was waiting to see what happened with Leo before announcing the agreement of my salary reduction. Perhaps they were waiting to see if they had to ask me to make a bigger effort".

Many issues have been on the table in the long uninhibited conversation on La sotana. One of them, about which a lot of jokes have been made, has been the documentary of La decisió, which was produced by one of Gerard Piqué's companies. The Catalan has admitted that he agreed to produce the documentary because Griezmann had told him that he would come to Barça and that, finally, he had to "weather the storm", when the Frenchman decided not to go that year.