Society 26/04/2021

These are the restrictions as of today

Mobility allowed throughout Catalonia and restaurants in shopping centres reopen

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A police check for covid restrictions
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New restrictions came into force from on Sunday, April 25 at midnight. They will be in force, for the moment, until May 3 and, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, will be maintained or not. The measures hace been relaxed after the number of covid cases in Catalonia has been declining. The speed of contagion, Rt, is below 1 (i.e. a person with the virus infects on average less than one person) and hospital pressure is decreasing, albeit slowly.

El confinament comarcal acaba dilluns

From Monday onwards, mobility will be allowed throughout Catalonia. It will no longer be necessary to have an essential reason to move between counties, nor will travel necessarily have to be with your own cohabitation bubble. From now on it is only a recommendation. On April 9, just after Easter, travelling between counties was banned again, in order to see whether the number of infections increased because of the holidays. It has not been so and, for this reason, the restriction is lifted. However, you cannot leave Catalonia without a justified reason. The only exception is Andorra.

Un control polical pel toc de queda a Barcelona

Although there had been speculation about the possibility of delaying the start of curfew, finally Procicat has decided that it will remain the same. Therefore, you must stay at home between 10 pm and 6 am.

Sport, culture and religion, up to 50%
Un grup de patinadores

One of the new relaxations will allow sporting, cultural and religious events to have a capacity of up to 50%. Until now, some of these activities were limited to only 30%.

Restaurants in shopping centres
Clients fent cua en una botiga d'un centre comercial

Despite pressure from the catering sector, bars and restaurants will still have to open at 7.30 am at the earliest and close by 5 pm. However, from Monday, bars and restaurants in shopping centres (closed since Christmas) will also be allowed to open under the same conditions as the rest. In addition, establishments over 800 square meters in shopping centres may also open with a capacity of up to 30%.

100% face-to-face classes in Vocational training and Baccalaureate
Un grup d'alumnes de batxillerat de l'IES Joanot Martorell

Another of the changes is the authorisation of 100% face-to-face education in high school and vocational training.

More than two bubbles
Tres senyores parlen en un banc del centre de Barcelona

As of Monday, the limitation that a maximum of six people per gathering will stay in place, but the obligation that they come from two different households at the most. That is, you can meet up to six people from different households but always wearing a mask