Society 13/05/2021

Spain to receive a record 13 million doses from Pfizer alone in June

President Sánchez stresses that the vaccines will make it possible to take "a giant leap" in protecting the population

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Vaccination with Pfizer, at the Barcelona Trade Fair

BarcelonaJune will see a record arrival of vaccines that will give a big boost to the immunology process. The president of the Spanish government has announced the arrival during the month of June of 13 million doses from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer alone, a figure that will mean receiving a million more doses per week than at the current rate. Last week Pedro Sanchez said that the vaccination was making huge leaps forward and even marked August 18 as the date by which it has to get the expected herd immunity, i.e. about 70% of the population covered. "We have 97 days left," proclaimed a euphoric Sanchez, who always makes sure he gets to make the announcements for big news in the fight against the pandemic.

If all forecasts are met, Spain will receive almost double the seven million expected for May. This means that every week, and only from this pharmaceutical company, 2.7 million doses are expected. After the EU cancelled the orders to AstraZeneca, today Pfizer's is the vaccine that is most administered in Catalonia. In words of the Spanish president, the increase in doses will mean a "qualitative leap", in this case a "giant leap", in the vaccination campaign.

Sanchez said that his government is fulfilling "to the letter" the goals set last month, when he said that the first week of May there would be five million vaccinated with the complete schedule: "With these 13 million vaccines we are on a straight line towards herd immunity, i.e. 33 million compatriots vaccinated by mid-August.

So far, there is still some way to go. Just over 14 million people in Spain, 30% of the population, already have at least one dose of the protective vaccine, with particularly high numbers among the over-60s, a group in which 88% have some dose as a shield. In Catalonia, 29% of the population have received the first dose.