Pregnant woman loses child in Sabadell shooting

Four more injured in fight during drinking binge

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A patrol of the Mossos d'Esquadra in Barcelona

BarcelonaThe Mossos d'Esquadra investigate a shooting that took place early this morning in Sabadell and ended with five people injured: three women and two men. One of the women was pregnant, in advanced pregnancy, and due to the wounds she has lost the child. The dispute happened at about half past one in the morning during a 'botellón', an illegal gathering to drink in the street. The author of the shots fired against the group, who were in an out-of-town shopping centre known as Via Sabadell.

The Medical Emergency System (SEM) has sent three units to attend to the wounded. They all needed a transfer to health centers for medical care. So far there is no evidence that the assailant, who fled the scene after the shooting, has been identified or arrested. As for the investigation, the Mossos want to determine whether it is a revenge shooting between gangs or a romantic dispute, as well as determining the relationship between those involved.

Sabadell City Council has pointed out that the area where the shooting happened is often a gathering place for people who drink at night, after bars have closed closed. According to the council, this has been increasing in recent months.