Society 17/08/2021

Catalan Government wants to prolong curfew in 148 municipalities

High Court's permission required as Generalitat toughens conditions

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Terrasses closed during the curfew

BarcelonaDespite the improvement in pandemic indicators, the Catalan Government still wants to prolong the 1 am to 6am curfew in 148 Catalan municipalities for another week at least. In order to do so it has once again toughened the requirements for towns to escape the curfew; it will affect towns and cities with a cumulative incidence of 125 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, whereas up until now the threshold was only 250. Villages with under 5,000 inhabitants will continue to be exempt.

As the measure limits fundamental rights, Catalonia's High Court will now have to rule on the measures. If the judges see fit, the curfew will continue until August 27. The list of the 148 municipalities affected has not yet been made public.