Society 09/04/2021

What can be done from today onwards, with regional lockdown in force?

Opening times stay the same and cultural events will not be an exception to the travel restrictions

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Police control at the exit of Barcelona
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BarcelonaThe Catalan Government has decreed today a new period of mobility restrictions throughout Catalonia starting today. Waiting to see Easter's impact on the number of contagions, the curve of hospitalisations and serious cases grows and the administration has banned travelling between counties (comarcas) until at least Monday, April 19. These are the things that you can and cannot do:

1. Ban on travelling between counties

No travelling outside the county is permitted, even if it is with your cohabitation bubble. Exceptions are maintained for essential travel such as receiving medical care, going to work and back, attending university or school, caring for an elderly or dependent person or renewing official documents. In all cases, travellers must carry the Generalitat's certificate of self-responsibility. The 10 p.m. curfew remains in force.

2. Gatherings of maximum 6 people

Social gatherings will be limited to six people whether they are in a public place, outdoors or indoors. The government urges people to limit meetings to the members of their cohabitation bubble to reduce the risks of contagion. In case of mixing bubbles, people are urged to take all protective measures (open air, distance, mask).

3. Tickets to cultural events will not be a reason to skip mobility restrictions

Tickets purchased to attend concerts, plays or any other cultural event will not be considered a reason to leave the county of residence. Thus, attendance will only be allowed within the county perimeter. When returning home after 10 p.m. it is advisable to keep the ticket in order to be able to show it to the police.

4. Bars and restaurants, open until 5 pm

There are no changes for bars and restaurants: they can serve both inside -30% of the capacity- and outside, between 7.30 am and 5 pm. Only 4 people are allowed per table except if they are part of the same bubble. Takeaway food can be sold at establishments until 10 pm and can be delivered until 11 pm. The government stresses that the distance between tables must be at least two meters to ensure safety.

5. Non-essential businesses will continue open at weekends

Shops with a maximum of 800 square meters can open all week with a capacity of 30%. Shopping centers may open, but restaurants inside them will continue to be closed. Bingos, casinos and gambling halls can open with capacity limited to 30% with a maximum of 100 people, which can be extended to 250 people if the 30% capacity is not exceeded and reinforced ventilation is guaranteed.

6. School excursions are allowed as long they stay in their class bubble

School activities and outings such as camps are allowed, even with overnight stays, as long as they are done within the school bubble group.

7. No change to sporting activities

Federated sports competitions are allowed as before and the public is also allowed at these events as long as they have a pre-assigned seat

As for the gyms and swimming pools, there is no change: changing rooms will remain open despite the recommendation to shower at home. Capacity is maintained at 50% as long as ventilation is adequate.