Catalan Health Advisory Committee wants to extend the covid certificate to restaurants, cultural venues and gyms

Campins will present the measure in "the next few days" and says it will probably be "the next step"

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BarcelonaNews regarding the use of the covid certificate in Catalonia. The Department of Health's scientific advisory committee on covid-19 wants this access measure to be extended to restaurants, cultural venues and gyms, especially if the pandemic figures continue to rise. The president of the committee, Dr Magda Campins, explained in an interview on channel 3/24 that the measure will be presented in the next few days and that it will very "probably" be "the next step" in terms of restrictions.

The situation is once again worrying the health authorities. Just yesterday the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, warned that the delta plus variant, which has put the United Kingdom on alert, is already in Catalonia. As of yesterday, Argimon explained, five cases had already been detected. This variant, "much more transmissible" than those known so far, arrives just when temperatures begin to drop. Autumn is - as the minister explained - a time of many infections and the easing of restrictions raises fears of an increase in cases.

Campins insisted today that a "complicated" time of year is approaching, with many more interactions indoors. "We have to be very cautious and we must not relax too much", she repeated. Even so, the doctor pointed out that, unlike the United Kingdom, Catalonia has a higher rate of vaccination, which could mean that the new delta plus variant has a lower incidence in the country.

Therefore, according to the advisory committee, extending the use of the covid certificate beyond nightlife could be the best way to help retain these possible contagions. Campins also believes that the measure would have less economic impact than closing or restricting opening hours in certain sectors, options which he stressed are not on the table. The committee is now working on a report that will be sent to the Health Department, where they will propose the most advisable time to extend the areas where this document should be used. Campins assured that, in this sense, the evolution of the data in the coming weeks will be decisive in activating this measure.

Regarding the third dose of vaccines, Campins has confirmed that it will be administered to immunocompromised people and those over 70. This second group will begin to receive them from Monday.