Postal vote achieves a record number and reaches 270,392 requests for the 14-F elections

The figure triples those recorded three years ago in the Catalan elections of 2017

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Mailbox / Francesc Melcion

BarcelonaA total of 270,392 people have requested the postal vote for 14-F. It is a "record" figure throughout the State, according to a statement from Correos, and that triples the requests admitted to the Catalan elections of 2017. Of all the requests submitted, 188,566 have been made in person and 81,826 telematically, through the Correos website and with the electronic signature. To all the admitted requests it is still necessary to add those that have been received until this Friday at noon, which was the last day applications could be made.

Ten days before the elections, the number of people who had asked to vote by post had already soared compared to three years ago: in total, 84,001 people had requested it, 82% more. At that point, the figure already exceeded the 78,876 total requests made in 2017.

All these people who have asked to vote remotely have time to cast their vote until February 12. They can do it in person at any post office or also from home. This last possibility is a new feature this year: the postman who brings the voting documents to the voter will also be able to take his or her vote with them, if the voter prefers it.