Iglesias denounces a "far-right" attack with explosives on Podemos headquarters

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Pablo Iglesias has denounced a "far-right" attack with explosives at the headquarters of Podemos in Cartagena (Murcia). The leader of the purple formation, and candidate for the elections of the Community of Madrid on May 4, has denounced it in a message on Twitter, in which he has also released a video of the attack.

In the same message, Iglesias says that "the street terrorism of the ultras will not intimidate us", and adds: "before the violent and their whitewashers: democracy, freedom of expression and social justice".

The attack was recorded by security cameras at the headquarters and the images show the windows with graffiti such as "sons of bitches" and "No to state terrorism". The video also shows when a person ignites an artifact and throws it inside the premises causing a small fire on the outside.

In another tweet, the spokesman for Unidas Podemos in Parliament, Pablo Echenique, has criticised that attacks like today's are, in his view, "the natural consequence of normalizing hate speech in parliament and in some media". "In the U.S., right-wing terrorism is very common and had the same evolution", he concluded.