Politics 28/07/2021

Health minister tells off vicepresident: "Everyone has to comply with the rules"

Opposition groups reproach vice president's attendance to a meeting with 21 participants

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The attendees of the frying pan in the image that has been shared on social networks

BarcelonaOpposition groups have reproached the Catalan Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, for the images posted on social media in which the vice president of the Catalan Government, Jordi Puigneró, can be seen attending a paella organised by the journalist and writer Pilar Rahola. Also present are exiled former president Carles Puigdemont, exiled former ministers Lluís Puig and Toni Comín, and MP Joan Canadell, among others. "Everyone has to comply with the rules and especially a political representative," Argimon has responded emphatically.

The groups took advantage of Argimon's appearance in front of Parliament's Health committee to take him to task for the flouting of restrictions by the vice president: there were 21 people present - while the current limit is 10 - and they were all photographed together, not keeping a distance nor wearing a mask. The meeting took place outside "the Kingdom of Spain", according to former MP Albano Dante Fachin, who uploaded the photo to Twitter.

En Comú Podem have considered it especially serious that the vice president of the Government attended this celebration at a time when a message is being sent to the population to reduce social contacts in order to curb contagions in the fifth wave. "There are members of your Government who are breaching the restrictions, with over ten people from different bubbles and without masks. I ask you to put some order in the Government", thundered En Comú MP David Cid, who has assured that this contrasts with the minister's words criticising the "false sense of normality".