ERC urges pro-independence movement to reach a government agreement "without further delay"

Aragonès warns that a pact is not made with a "simple exchange of responsibilities"

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Pere Aragonès in the act this morning to commemorate the 90th anniversary of ERC

BarcelonaFaced with the possibility that JxCat could postpone the investiture debate if there is no agreement to form Government, ERC has taken advantage of the act of commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the party to pressure the party of Carles Puigdemont and also the CUP. "We need a strong Government without further delay", said the vice president of the acting executive and also presidential candidate of ERC, Pere Aragonès, from the stage that the party has installed in the Rambla de Sants in Barcelona. The place has not been chosen at random, but it was in the neighborhood of Sants where ERC was founded 90 years ago. And it is precisely the legacy of the party that Pere Aragonès, the president of the party, Oriol Junqueras, the general secretary, Marta Rovira, and also the spokeswoman, Marta Vilalta, have wanted to claim, as well as the need to constitute a new government of the Generalitat that puts the values of republicanism ahead.

"We have to open a new stage after many difficulties and this is not done with a simple exchange of responsibilities", warned Aragonès in his speech. The Republican leader took the opportunity to ask everyone to "do their part" to build "new foundations that will allow us to begin a new era of progress and freedom". "We are aware of the urgency of the moment", he insisted. The Republican considers it urgent that a new administration be formed in Catalonia to address the socio-economic and health crisis resulting from the pandemic, and also to "break with the anti-repressive dynamic and find a democratic solution" to the conflict with the Spanish state. In fact, this last issue is the main stumbling block in which the three pro-independence parties are stuck. Specifically, at this point they do not agree with the pro-independence coordination body to try to avoid what happened in the previous legislature.

"The 14 April 1931 and 1-O are links in the struggle for the freedom of Catalonia. The two dates are united by the red thread of hope and justice and we have to continue it, because it has given us all the strength", Aragonès has defended. The current vice-president of the Catalan Government has also appealed to the comuns to join the majority that defends the referendum and the amnesty to solve the Catalan conflict, but also to the independence movement, to "know how to use the strength" that having exceeded 50% of the vote for the first time gives them.