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Gisele Bündchen: when the highest-paid model in the world ends up crying (desperately) in front of a police officer

The Brazilian 'top' has been in the news this week for a video that has been leaked that shows her in a situation of complete fragility

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Gisele Bundchen

BarcelonaThere are times when the positions in which we mentally place many celebrities collapse like a house of cards with just a small touch. This happened this week with Gisele Bündchen, the richest model in history – she was the highest paid in the world from 2012 to 2016; the one that has conquered all the spaces within the world of fashion that anyone would have dreamed of; the one who has withstood all the pressure in the world on hundreds of occasions, and the one who one would assume, once retired, is living a happy and fulfilled life. But it turns out that reality is not entirely like that.

As a result of a video that has been released, we have been able to discover that this strong and powerful woman who walked through our minds with the same determination that she walked on the catwalks can no longer control the anxiety she suffers because of the paparazzi , who have been chasing her day and night for too many years. The video in question shows her crying with frustration at the moment when a police officer stops her because she was driving recklessly through Miami. The images, which come from the regulatory camera that the police officer has incorporated into his uniform, show her inside her car with the window down. When the police officer stops her and questions her, the model justifies herself: "I was just trying to get away from this man. He's harassing me. I'm tired. They're chasing me everywhere... And no one protects me. I can't do anything and I'm alone." I want to get on with my life," the 43-year-old Brazilian exclaims between tears.

Despite the model's desperation, the police officer fulfills his duty and, during their conversation, informs her that if she feels besieged she can go to court or a police station to file a complaint against the paparazzi who does not let her live and who, according to has transcended, would be carrying the chase job more on the limit than usual. However, the police officer tells her that she cannot act to prevent the photojournalist from photographing her in public spaces, something that is legally permitted. Once the situation is over, according to some media, mercy takes over the police officer, who only gives the model a warning, instead of a fine. After showing her disappointment, Bündchen continues with her life, we imagine that with the paparazzi who does not leave her alone in front of her and behind her again. If the situation is already something sad to see in itself, really, the dissemination of this video only increases her position as a victim, since she cannot live a normal life on the street because she is chased but, on top of that, she cannot have nor the same privacy as the rest of the citizens when a police officer assists them because someone from the force has leaked this video for who knows how much money.

How far do the servitudes of fame go?

It might seem that asking for media peace for Bündchen is asking for a privilege that she does not deserve, but there are elements here that call this position into question. It is very true that she has had a job for twenty years that was completely public, that she has exploited it as she wanted and that this has given her all her fame and all her assets. Therefore, we agree that all this implies easements. But the question is: how far do these easements go? How long do they last? Bündchen has been retired since 2015. Since then she has only marched once: to inaugurate the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016. Is there really someone who has chosen peace and has not continued working or earning money – as is the case with others? tops How should Naomi Campbell, for example, continue to endure such daily pressure?

Also, She has been divorced from her ex, Tom Brady, since 2022. Two years later, she still has to endure being persecuted, presumably for an issue related to her personal life, precisely the one who has so strongly promoted her professional aspect over her personal one? It doesn't seem fair to me, because it is not provided. It is clear that she is the model that has broken all the records of recent decades and that she is the image of an era because she was the headliner of the Victoria's Secret shows - happily disappeared... - and that is why she will objectively be news until the day I die. But is it necessary for someone to chase her when she drives every day of her life with her children? It may be legal, but not fair.

And, by the way, how many media outlets here still present her as Tom Brady's ex! As if American football were important here and as if it was important for her in the media to have had this husband. She is richer and more famous than him. I doubt that anyone will introduce the athlete to the sports news where he appears as Gisele Bündchen's ex-husband...

Another woman who, like Bündchen, seems to no longer be able to cope with how fame is managed in the US is Eva Longoria, who this week it became known that she will be going to live permanently in Marbella. The actress, 49 years old and with a five-year-old son, wants the child to grow up "in a place where he will be surrounded by nature and beauty and where he will not be absorbed by the entire Hollywood cycle," according to a source explained to the half american Page Six. That is, you want to protect your child from the toxic and aggressive system that surrounds celebrities Americans, who one day are considered divine beings and applauded by the masses and the next day are crushed by an avalanche of paparazzi at the door of their house and hated by the crowd because some passing controversy affects them. You already know that everything there is massive...

Eva Longoria cooks with her son, Santi Bastón

Longoria and her husband, Latin television entrepreneur Pepe Bastón, have decided to save their son from the spiral of Hollywood fame in a house that is not bad as a residential counterproposal. This is the house where the couple spent their summers until now, which has a huge garden with a swimming pool, gym, living room and six bedrooms that Longoria already showed in the magazine. Hello! Although Marbella would not be the best example of a place to raise a child in a normal, we all know that it will surely be more normal than one of the rich neighborhoods in Los Angeles where they could be living right now and where eccentricity reaches its most extreme stages.

However, Longoria is not the first American star to find her ideal place to live in Spain. The two most recent examples are those of Richard Gere and that of'Amber Heard, who after her destructive judicial process in the US against Johnny Depp decided to go camouflage first in Mallorca and then in Madrid. Seeing how figures of that caliber – who make their living mainly through their work and not by selling exclusives or going on television shows to talk about their miseries – settle in Spain, it is curious how many Spanish stars make a big deal because the press does not lets them live. And I say curious not to say unlikely...