The nonsense game

2 min

Everything that evolves around the Catalan elections has become a game of nonsense in which it is increasingly difficult to make a ranking of who has said the greatest outrage. And it comes from far away. Because deep down it all starts when a year ago, president Torra assumed his time in office had ended, but did not call for elections as it would have been logical and natural. And it was the judges, after the childish provocation of the banner, who marked the end of the legislature.

We had a date set (14-F) when the Parliament was dissolved, but suddenly the Government decided it was not appropriate. With the appeal to the pandemic it sent the elections to May 30th. It is a dangerous wildcard argument that allows for everything, because whomever opposes it will immediately be held responsible for many deaths. An obscene - and immoral - recourse that has been used too often by some politicians and journalists: throwing the covid victims in their faces.

The Socialists did not like the change and moved their entourage to lodge an appeal with the High Court of Catalonia. A rather naive move, because it had an automatic reading: the fear that the Illa effect would wane. And, at the same time, a gift to their opponents: once again they were given arguments to say that in this country everything is decided by the judges.

The judges have also contributed to the mess. They kept 14-F and set 8 February as the deadline for confirming their decision. Therefore, elections could become official six days before the voting takes place. In the face of this ridiculous situation, they have passed the buck to the Spanish government: in order to vote on the 14th, the current state of alarm is not enough.

As always, for the Government everything is Madrid's fault, for the dissenters everything comes from the incompetence of the Government: a song that is an exhibition of impotence of both parties. Are both of them aware of the citizens' exhaustion, in the face of the degradation of a policy that has led us to a dead end from which they do not know how to get out, and that continues to go around the wheel repeating more and more worn out topics? It's sad, but most of our politicians don't need to talk, before they open their mouths we already know what they will say.

Josep Ramoneda is a philosopher.