Putting an end to dissidence

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An administrative body controlled and blocked by the PP has decided to ruin around forty public servants over the Generalitat's external action. The state's revenge against sovereigntism aims to put an end to dissidence and frighten public workers, causing in practice a blockade of the administration through threats and arbitrariness. The list includes, in addition to political leaders, some of the best names in public service, people who made a place for Catalan economy and politics in the world and have dedicated some of their best years to the administration, moved by a sense of duty and rectitude, and endorsed by their voters. The Court of Auditors not only considers actions pertaining to the exercise of freedom of expression criminal, but also violates rights in a procedure that gives legal representatives three hours to read a 504-page report and ten minutes to present allegations. Spanish democracy is becoming ever more precarious and day by day its shortcoming are harder to hide. There are many competent and honest names on the list. Among them, Andreu Mas-Colell, who left a chair at Harvard to establish the foundations of the research system, bring it to the best international level, create a great public university and, in the end, stabilise a bankrupt economy. Francoism put him in prison and a theoretical democracy will ruin him.