Wildfire breaks out in the Montgrí massif

Twenty ground crews and seven air crews are working to extinguish the fire

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Image of the fire in the massif of Montgrí, 22nd July 2021

BarcelonaA new fire has broken out in the Montgrí massif in Empordà this Thursday afternoon, which firefighters are already working on extinguishing. The emergency services were alerted around half past six and, according to the first reports, the flames are burning in a wooded area. The fire started in Torroella de Montgrí (Baix Empordà) next to the area known as the Casa del Guarda. Twenty ground crews and seven air crews (two helicopters, two bombers and three surveillance planes) are working to extinguish the fire.

A column of very dense smoke can be seen from different points of the Empordà plain. The fire is advancing on two flanks: the right flank is spreading at medium intensity towards the track that goes from the Casa del Guarda to the Barraca Trobada, while the left flank is moving in a northerly direction. Firefighters have said they are working on 20 hectares.

General shot of the smoke column caused by the fire in the Montgrí massif,

According to officials, the fire affects an approximate provisional surface of 5 hectares and its causes are being investigated.