Lo Javad, Fatemah and her son Amir have been a week since they arrived in Olot after being evacuated from Afghanistan. Mònica Bernabé talks to the family and explains how was the journey to leave Afghanistan. El Javad is a physiotherapist and has worked for many years as a translator for Spanish journalists. He and his family belong to the Hazara ethnic group, to which the Taliban have so much animosity because they are Shiite Muslims. The Taliban are Sunni. El Javad is convinced that if he had stayed in Afghanistan, his life would have been in danger. His wife, Fatemah, is a doctor and still doesn't know if she will be able to work in Catalonia, she is two months pregnant and just when she is due to give birth they will stop receiving aid from the Spanish government. Her goal is to find work and be able to live in freedom