Torrent calls for an "in depth" investigation into the decision to assign the 1-O case to Court 13

The President of Parliament warns parties which do not support independence that they should also be concerned

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El president del Parlament, Roger Torrent, en l’acte de commemoració del 70è aniversari de la Declaració Universal dels Drets Humans al Parlament.

This Tuesday afternoon, the President of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent, called for an "in depth" investigation into how the case of the 2017 independence referendum was assigned to Investigative Court Number 13 of Barcelona, a decision which he referred to as “rather questionable". Torrent declared that "the justifications and explanations which have so far been offered do nothing to resolve any doubts", while adding that he sees "contradictions" between documents pertaining to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (HCJC) and those of the Bar Association of Barcelona (ICAB) as well as in statements made by the HCJC and the Chief Judge of Barcelona, Mercè Caso. "It is becoming increasingly evident, and there are clear signs that the case against the referendum is part of a plot by the judicial right to put an end to independence in the pursuit of a political agenda", Torrent added.

The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament declared that the situation should not "solely" be "of concern" to those who support independence, but also "all democrats" since their "basic rights are at risk". Torrent called for "anyone found responsible to be held accountable" and considers that the "answers and explanations" that have been given so far do nothing to "clarify" the situation, which he described as "opaque" and in need of "light".

Torrent stated that these "doubts" are in addition to a "host of flagrant irregularities in the handling of the case", adding that the case "led to the police searches on September 20, the start of a fictitious judicial narrative". "A judicial farce that speaks of violence, uprising and rebellion", added Torrent, who on Tuesday accompanied Esquerra Republicana’s candidate for mayor of Barcelona, Ernest Maragall, on a stroll through the Les Corts neighbourhood.