Misc 20/01/2021

Spain has the most relaxed restrictions in Europe

Most countries increase limitations at the same time as contagion grows

Quim Aranda
2 min
Una imatge del centre d'Edimburg, capital d'Escòcia

LondonThe diversity of replies to the pandemic across the European continent remains as diverse as the rate of infection. There are, however, some constants. While Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland or the United Kingdom as a whole still maintain very harsh restrictions, Spain is, with all the diversity of the autonomous state, the country with the most relaxed measures. Below, we review the most outstanding ones in the aforementioned countries.


The curfew has been tightened since January 16 and has been extended from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and ski resorts, for example, remain closed.


Since they introduced a new lockdown on December 16, the case curve has dropped from over 30,000 to just over 9,000 in the last 24 hours. The country keeps


A national curfew is maintained from 10pm to 5am. Until February 15, travel between the 20 regions is prohibited and the use of the face mask is compulsory in public, both indoors and outdoors, also throughout the country.


Ireland returned to home lockdown at the end of December, after relaxing travel rules over Christmas.


The country has been in lockdown since January 15 for the first time since May. Three days later, António Costa's government revised and tightened up the measures even more, in the face of a level of contagion never seen before. Among other restrictions,

United Kingdom

The country is beginning to moderately control new cases, having fallen in the last 24 hours to 33,355. However, hospitals are under great pressure and the human life toll of infections between Christmas and New Year's Eve, when they averaged over 55,000 a day, remains very high. The 1,610 recorded on Monday is, so far, the highest figure and confirms the highest mortality rate in the world. Lockdown continues, with schools closed, all non-essential commercial activity also closed, and gyms, theatres and cinemas closed. Scotland announced on Tuesday that it is extending the closure of schools until at least mid-February. In the rest of the country, no relief is expected at best until the third week of February.