Sagrada Família's second tallest tower almost finished

The construction of the shaft, essential to be able to crown the tower of the Mare de Déu, has begun

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The tower of the Virgin Mary will be finished in December

BarcelonaThe Sagrada Família has risen a little higher with the construction of the tower of the Mare de Déu, which at 127 metres will be the second tallest tower in the church. On Tuesday work began on building the shaft on which the star that will crown the tower will be placed. According to the plan of works of the construction board of the temple for this year, the tower will be completed in December.

The tower of the Mare de Déu was saved from the delay of the works caused by the pandemic. The months of lockdown and the temple's fall in income from tourists led those responsible for the construction to admit that the Sagrada Familia will not be finished in 2026 as planned, and at this point there is no clear date for the expected completion of the temple.

On Tuesday the 18-metre shaft was put in place. It will hold the star which will crown the tower

The shaft which is beginning to be built corresponds to the middle part of the tower and is 18 meters high. Its entire exterior surface will be covered with mosaic in white and purple tones. According to information from the temple, they are currently working on the wooden framework and will then reinforce the shaft. The shaft will be finished with the placement of the prefabricated piece on the upper third and, in December, the tower will be completed with the star: a piece of 7.5 meters in diameter, with 12 points of textured glass will be illuminated from the inside.

Workers lift the shaft for Mare de Déu tower