Misc 08/12/2020

Primaries are becoming less competitive

Most candidates are chosen without rivals

Anna Mascaró
3 min
Unes primàries cada cop menys competides

BarcelonaLaura Borràs won the JxCat primary a week ago. Party members elected her with 75.8% of the votes against 20.5 of her rival, Damià Calvet. This was the only internal struggle that took place in order to decide the leading candidate for the February 14th Catalan elections. The primaries continue to be the formula chosen by most parties, but it is increasingly difficult to find an election in which there is competition.


Chose Carrizosa instead of the primaries' winner

Cs is the most extreme case: it dismissed the winner of the primaries, Lorena Roldán, and placed Carlos Carrizosa as the leading candidate, arguing that his profile was more suitable for achieving a coalition with the PP and the PSC. The formation ignored internal criticism, claiming that the statutes had not been violated - despite the fact that the unionist coalition has not materialized.


Aragonès has no rival and will take over Oriol Junqueras' lead

ERC proclaimed Pere Aragonès as president, and Marta Vilalta, Teresa Jordà and Raquel Sans as leading candidates in Lleida, Girona and Tarragona. These were the names, in fact, agreed upon by the party's lead. To prove that he also has the support of the militancy, Aragonès gained 2,343 primary votes, more than the 2,105 of Oriol Junqueras in the European elections of 2019.


Miquel Iceta repeats, without opposition, as leading candidate

Miquel Iceta has been the head of the PSC for many months. However, he has not yet been officially appointed. The party plans to begin the process of consulting its members throughout this month, with shorter deadlines than usual due to the advance of the elections. Other candidates could run, but Iceta is unrivalled at the moment. He is expected to be proclaimed at a national council at the end of December.

En comú-Podem

They were the quickest to proclaim Albiach as leading candidate back in February

The leader of the comuns, Jessica Albiach, was proclaimed as leading candidate last February. She was the only one of the three primary contenders to receive sufficient endorsement votes.


The anti-capitalists have not yet announced their candidate

The CUP has not yet indicated who their candidate will be. Formation does not have primaries, and it is the territorial assemblies that promote various candidates. The national secretariat then makes a proposal, and then a commission articulates the candidacy.


The Populars do not select candidates via primary elections

The PP also does not choose its candidates through consulting its members. The leader of the party in Catalonia, Alejandro Fernandez, is the leading candidate after conversations between the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, and the leader of Cs, Ines Arrimadas, to articulate a joint candidacy did not reach an agreement.


40% of the party's members participate in Chacón's election

Àngels Chacón was appointed as the Democratic Party's candidate with 94% of the support of the bases and a 40% participation of the members. She was the only candidate at the top of the list.