Misc 08/09/2021

Pablo Iglesias joins ARA's op-ed section

The former vice-president of the Spanish government will write a fortnightly column

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Pablo Iglesias, in one of the few images that have transcendit since he left politics.

Pablo Iglesias, a leading figure of the Spanish political and media landscape in the past decade, will contribute fortnightly to ARA's opinion pages.

Iglesias holds a doctorate in political science from the Complutense University of Madrid, where he also worked as a professor. In addition to being vice-president of the central government, he has been minister for Social Rights, a member of the European Parliament and secretary general of Podemos. This academic year, among other projects, Iglesias will form part of IN3, the UOC's Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, as ARA reported in July.

His incorporation, alongside others that have been announced -such as the return of Sílvia Soler- and will be announced in the coming weeks, reinforce the newspaper's aim to give a voice to all ideological sensibilities that take part in a constructive manner in the debates that will shape the future of this country.