Misc 26/05/2016

Organizers of May 29 rally against TC call for "zero tolerance" for cuts to rights

They met with Carme Forcadell, President of Parliament, who will also attend the demonstration

Sara Gonzalez
1 min
La societat catalana es mobilitza per dir prou als vetos al TC

Barcelona"We will not tolerate cuts in our rights". With this statement, Jordi Cuixart, President of Òmnium Cultural, made a call for participation in the May 29th demonstration. The main goals of the event are to make a statement against Spain’s Constitutional Court vetoes and to protest the suspension of emergency laws on housing, energy, and equality, as well as the "evisceration" of Catalan parliamentary powers. This rally is endorsed by the CCOO, UGT, and Intersindical-CSC unions, organizations such as the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Catalonia (Confavc), the ANC (Catalan National Assembly), and Òmnium Cultural, as well as the political parties CDC, ERC, PSC, ICV, and the CUP.

On Wednesday Carme Forcadell, President of the Catalan Parliament —who confirmed that she will attend the demonstration— met with the representatives of the organizing groups: Cuixart; Joan Carles Gallego, General Secretary of CCOO; David Papiol, Secretary for Rallies and Demonstrations of the UGT in Catalonia; Jordi Giró, President of COMFAVC (Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Catalonia); Diosdado Toledano, ILP Representative for guaranteed income. The event will have the slogan "Rights cannot be suspended: decent jobs, social rights, and real democracy”.

Cuixart emphasised the broad-based nature of the demonstration, which fifty organizations have joined. He noted, however, that it is not a call to "disobedience", but rather an event so that the people on the street "will continue to be heard", and a call for governments to respect the laws, especially those that put "people at the center of policies" to ease social emergencies.