Misc 18/11/2020

Mossos inspector Jordi Arasa is now head of Tedax after being removed from riot police

He was convicted of injuries inflicted during the eviction of the 15-M protesters

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Arasa, fa un any, durant el discurs que va fer per la condecoració rebuda en el Dia de les Esquadres de Barcelona

BarcelonaMossos d'Esquadra inspector Jordi Arasa, who was removed from the riot police in June after being convicted of injuries caused by baton strikes during the eviction of the 15-M camp in Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona), is currently the head of the Specialist Technicians in Deactivation of Explosive Artefacts (Tedax). Knowledgeable sources have explained to Europa Press agency that Arasa has been in the job position for a minimum of three weeks, and that he accepted the job after applying for a post while he was fulfilling other functions after being removed from the Arro (Regional Area of Operational Resources). Sources from the Mossos have confirmed to this newspaper that Arasa is already in the new job position and has in fact been in it for a few weeks. The decision was taken before the restitution of Josep Lluís Trapero as the major of the Mossos d'Esquadra.

On June 9, the Barcelona Court sentenced the inspector to two years and four months in prison, charged with two crimes of assault and battery, carried out during his role in the charges of evicting the indignados campers, when Arasa was the sub-inspector of Arro in Barcelona and responsible for the operation. The day after the sentence was announced, the - then - chief inspector of the Mossos, Eduard Sallent, announced that he would change Arasa's destination and remove him from public order.

The former head of the force also explained that Arasa would lodge an appeal against the sentence of the Barcelona Court of Appeal, which means that the aforementioned is still not a final judicial decision. The court refused to disqualify him from working specifically as a Mosso, as was requested by the accusations, but did disqualify him from any public occupation or position for two years and four months - which will occur once the final judgement is pronounced.