Misc 07/01/2021

The man who hated women

Esther Vera
1 min

When political decency abandons the permanent and tired defence of democracy and voters accommodate themselves to the spectacle of demagogy, the price to be paid soars. Somewhere between surprised and embarrassed, many Americans on Wednesday saw the chaotic assault on the country's main institution and the attack on the press by a group of fanatics, conspirators and members of the alt-right who usually yell on social media. The two targets were directly pointed out by Donald Trump, who urged the masses not to accept the election result with the usual pomp that he believes places him above the law and respect for others, whether they are women, African Americans or anyone who does not bow to his besieging style.

The assault on Congress can surprise no one, and the assailants are as responsible as the Republicans who have not stood up to him, the journalists who have made a spectacle of him, the men who have not stopped him in his insults, the women who have not denounced him, who have collaborated by accepting each day another degradation of the public debate, another base act.

The attack on Congress resulted in four deaths and the ratification of Joe Biden's victory, in addition to the United States' international shame. Humiliated, the political system would only recover with the immediate removal of the still president, thus taking away the match and the gasoline can.